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How To Keep Dust From Destroying Your Computer

Remember the days when a computer room used to be the sanctum of pure air and a dust-free zone? All carpeted and air-conditioned? Today you have your computer in your den and your laptop lying on the floor.

  • 3 Jul 2017

How to Easily Install Your New Computer Graphics Card

Installing a new video card isn't that hard at all I installed my new video card and I never knew anything about computer before I started playing games.

  • 25 Jul 2017

How To Protect Your Personal Information From Identity Thieves Online

We all know criminals are out there, waiting to steal our information. All they want to do is run up the bill then leave you with the debt. Most of these thieves are very far away.

  • 6 Aug 2017
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15 Jul 2017
Posted By Bryce A.

Do You Need To Upgrade Your Monitor? Maybe You Want To Upgrade Your Entire Computer

If you still have the same old computer monitor that you have had since you bought your first computer then you need to seriously upgrade. The newer models of computer screens that we have the choice to buy today are way better then any computer screens I have ever seen. They even have some computer screens that look like plasma TVs. You just need to get out and go get a new monitor for your computer so you can actually enjoy yourself and your computer.
4 Jul 2017
Posted By Ebony G.

A Brief History Of The Dell Computer Company

Today in the world we live in you cannot go five minutes without picking up something that has a Dell ad on the cover of it. I mean really if you were to look everywhere they are advertising Dell like they are going out of business. I see them on the TV; they send you spam emails I mean if you were to think about it I think they are desperate for business even though they now own alien ware. That means that they will receive even less business.
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28 Jul 2017
Posted By Bob G.

Some Simple Steps To Make Shopping For A New Laptop A Little Easier

Whenever you decide to buy computer, you need to take your time when deciding what you want to buy. A laptop is an item which potentially can be used anywhere from three to five years. You want to take your time in choosing one which will fit your lifestyle as well as your budget. This article will focus upon the three important factors anyone should think about when purchasing a laptop computer.The first key when shopping for a laptop is to decide what you will use the laptop for.
5 Jul 2017

EVERYTHING you need to know about PC building / Tips & tricks

Are you sure about the parts you've chosen? If not, this video is for you! Which brands are the best? Learn in this video: ...

6 Jul 2017

Move To PC Gaming Part 4 - Choosing Components

PC Centric guides you through choosing the right parts you need to make a kick-ass gaming rig. Power Supply Calculator: ...

23 Jul 2017

Live $2000 Skylake Gaming PC Build!

Live $2000 Skylake Gaming PC Build! [Archive] BUILD PARTS (PCPartPicker): http://bit.ly/1W5XDHW MY STORE: http://store.paulshardware.net | My Amazon ...

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